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For CGA referrals, the general practitioner (GP) is required to ask for comprehensive geriatric assessment for chronic, complex and multiple medical co-morbidity.


Each referral has a valid duration of 12 months. This period begins from the date that the specialist first attends the patient, not from the date the referral is issued by the GP.


Rather than a single, specific disease, dementia is a collection of symptoms from different disorders that affect the brain. This is why, for general practitioners, making a diagnosis can be troublesome task. Examples of these cases are when:

Examples of these cases are when

Why Refer to A Specialist

The expertise of a medical specialist

The nature of dementia is both complex and unique to each patient. It’s important to note that diagnosing the disease often requires the expertise of a medical specialist.


For example, while a general practitioner can perform a diagnostic test, the involvement of a specialist is necessary to make it eligible to prescribe subsidized medication and treat the different forms of dementia.


Referral Options

Memory Clinic:

In Australia, there are clinics that specialize in assisting people who experience changes in their cognition. Their focus is on management, treatment, and providing information on diseases that affect the memory.


Memory clinics usually target difficult diagnoses, such as those for dementia. Referrals to these facilities can be done directly, or through community agencies or general practitioners.

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Continence Resources for Aged Care

This user guide and form are used in connection to help with the care of patience experience incontinence. 

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Referral Options

Refer Directly to a Public/Private Specialist:

There is a range of specialists who are qualified to perform diagnostic testing for dementia, such as psychiatrists, neurologists, and geriatricians.


Dr. Sidhu

A Geriatrician in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Dr. Ajeet Sidhu is a local Geriatrician in Eastern Suburbs in Sydney. Being a geriatrician, he specializes in care to the elderly as well as the diseases that affect them. He had completed his post-graduation in Pharmacology, making him one of the few who has the added qualification of prescribing medication to patients who are 65 and above.


Aside from his technical skills as a medical specialist, Dr. Sidhu is also known for his holistic approach to the elderly within his care. He treats patients with respect, especially those who are diagnosed with severe dementia. “These are somebody’s mother’s fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers. Just because they have dementia, doesn’t make them anything less than you and me. -“emphasized the doctor in one of his interviews.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

To patients whoa re 65 and above, Dr. Sidhu performs comprehensive geriatric assessment. He iterates that “the reason it is called comprehensive, is because when they reach that age, they end up collecting more than one medical illness or health issues.”


As a geriatrician who had studied pharmacology, Dr. Sidhu performs clinical trials in consideration to the age, health issues, and medication of his patients.


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