Dementia Assessment

What is Dementia assessment?

Dementia assessment is a medical assessment which focuses on assessing memory (cognition) and its effect on functional capacities of the patients such as ability to do activities of daily living (dressing, showering/bathing, toileting, personal hygiene etc.), integrated activities of daily living (shopping, cooking, banking).

How do you diagnose Dementia?

Memory problems are very common in people/patients attending any general practice. Various studies have shown that there is lag period of up to 3 years from the onset till the diagnosis is made due to large number of factors. Dementia in the elderly needs to be very importantly differentiated from age related forgetfulness and or late life depression but also the memory problems are also associated with a number of complex & chronic medical illnesses (with their medications either contributing to or exacerbating the memory problem). This makes it very difficult to diagnose dementia particularly when there is no single screening test which itself is sufficient for its diagnosis

How can I get a Dementia assessment?

So if you have any concern about your or your relatives memory, if you have noticed an impairment in their functional capacity or are worried about their ability to live independently and safely at home please ask your general practitioner to refer to Hope Mediclinic. For more details we encourage you to use other resources such as Alzheimer’s Australia.