Geriatric Care

Holistic, optimal and personalised care for the elderly

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Experienced Geriatrician

Dr Sidhu is an experienced geriatrician known for his holistic approach to the elderly within his care.


He treats patients with respect, especially those who are diagnosed with severe dementia.


He is one of the few qualified to prescribing medication to patients who are 65 and above.

Eastern Suburbs in Sydney

Dr Ajeet Sidhu is a local Geriatrician in Eastern Suburbs in Sydney.

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Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and intensity that it becomes SPIRITUAL in calling. 

Vincent Van Gough



FRACP, M.D. (Pharmacology), M.B.B.S.



Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment


Dementia or Cognitive Assessment

Medication review

Poly-pharmacy is defined as the use of five or more medications.

Memory loss

This can be a difficult and confronting time for many people.

Education and information

Education and information for patients, family members or carers, General Practitioners, nurses, aged care workers, community health care workers, medical students and others involved in providing clinical care or community services for people aged 65 years or above through liaison with teaching hospitals, tertiary teaching institutions, education seminars, website and in partnership with training facilities.